From all the beauty of its natural environment, through to its perfect balance of traditions and innovations; Japan is a fantastic tour destination for any music group or ensemble looking for a broad and enlightening tour experience. Japan is a place of Interest and intrigue. It is both a wondrous area of historical significance whilst also being a utopia of modern technology and advancements. Many of the traditions from its amazingly cultural history can still be seen and felt in the country’s architecture, people and overall way of life.

Through a World Projects tour, you can be rest assured that your group will be given the most amazing tour experience. We have an extensive knowledge on this amazing destination, and our strong presence in this country is accentuated by our organisation having its very own World Projects office in Japan!



Japan is a place of insurmountable beauty. Its climate has afforded a natural environment of densely forested mountain regions, volcanoes, unique flora and fauna and completely unspoiled national parks. The country has a dense history dating back to prehistory which is full of culture, class and traditions. Japan also boasts over 16 World heritage sites, from amazing Temples and shrines through to structures that have survived the ravages of war.

A music tour to Japan through World Projects will provide your group with many workshop and performance opportunities within this great nation. Previous groups have enjoyed once in a lifetime experience including undertaking performance exchanges with local schools in the area as well as performing in fantastic venues such as Nihon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo, Bungei Seminariyo in Shiga and the Theatre Orleans Stage at Tokyo Disney Sea. Groups have also enjoyed workshops from clinicians at a number of the country’s educational institutions including Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University.

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