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At World Projects, we can provide tailor-made tours to sports group wishing to take their technique and game experience to the next level. We specialise in providing once in a lifetime experiences to school groups, and our sporting tours are the perfect opportunity for your team to develop and hone in on their new skills. No matter what sport your team plays, we can customise a tour itinerary that will provide your group with an experience they will never forget.

Worlds Projects can cater for a number of different sports including the following:.


The USA is the perfect destination for Basketball groups. World Projects has a long-standing history with providing tours to this amazing country, and our strength in this field is accentuated by having our own World Projects office located in San Francisco, California.

A US Basketball tour through World Projects will have your group meeting with a number of local high schools and universities; where your group will be able to train, warm-up and play against their top basketball team in a friendly match. Your group will not only experience and take part in a number of amazing games, but also learn specialist strategies and skills through training programs such as Impact Basketball.

World Projects Basketball Tours will also give your group the opportunity to witness first-hand the truly sublime skill of the professional ballplayers of today through enjoying a number of NBA games throughout your tour itinerary. In addition, the tour will allow your group to enjoy a number of popular sporting attractions that the US has to offer. Popular destinations include The Sports Museum of Los Angeles and The San Diego Hall of Champions in the West Coast, and The Basketball Hall of Fame in the East Coast.

A World Projects Basketball tour to the US will allow your pupils with the option of undertaking homestay accommodation with local host schools in the area. Your students will have the opportunity to experience a true cultural experience by staying with an American family in their own home.

In addition to the US, World Projects can also create a custom basketball trip to a number of other great destinations for Basketball Teams include Singapore, China and Europe.


World Projects can offer many tour options for Baseball teams and groups wishing to obtain a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

A Baseball tour to the United States through World Projects will provide your group with an understanding of the rich history of this spectacular game. From Boston’s Fenway Park to Chicago’s Wrigley Field, your group will experience the amazing atmosphere and witness the unsurpassed skill of modern day Major League Baseball.

In addition, your group’s tour to the US will include your team taking part in a number of friendly matches with a number of local school and club teams. We will work with your group to ensure that we are able to tailor a game itinerary which will suit your group’s objectives as well as their skill and experience level.

World Projects can also create an amazing Baseball Tour to your group to beautiful Cuba, this destination will provide your group with a truly cultural sporting experience. Your group will be able to take part in Sports training, a friendly competition or a cross cultural sports exchange with a number of local schools and educational institutions throughout your travels. Your group will also be able to attend a number of professional baseball games at Latinoamericano Stadium in Havana.


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