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One of the most culturally exotic locations in the world, Cuba is many things. It’s a unique enigma, a vivacious and invigorating wonderland; and most importantly, a musician’s paradise.

Cuba offers an amazing visual feast with its breathtaking beaches, revolutionary statues, beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets lined with classic cars of yesteryear. Cuba has a rhythm all of its own and it is hard not to be drawn into its fascinating history and culture. The country’s captivating attractions and its marvellous people make Cuba the destination that should be on the top of any tour groups “to do” lists.

All tours to Cuba incorporate a full time tour manager, performance opportunities, sightseeing activities and workshops with incredible clinicians.

The options are endless and only limited by your budget and the time of year you want to travel.


Cuba is one of the most musically diverse countries in the world. Its rich history has influenced many musical styles from salsa, rumba and mambo, however the country also has a very long history in instrumental music. Cuban classical music is internationally renowned due to its strong African and European influences.

A World Projects Tour can provide many great attractions for your group in this truly special tour destination.

Your group can walk through the streets of the amazing Old Havana, Visit the Cueva del Indio, take part in a Cuban Salsa dance workshop, or even enjoy a night concert with the Buena Vista Club at Plaza America and meet the performers before the show!

Cuba’s history and culture is steeped in music and the performing arts. Music is such an important part of everyday Cuban life that it’s nearly impossible to not hear the melody of horns in the air from music playing in the many laneways, restaurants and public spaces of this great destination.

At World Projects, we can tailor-make your Cuba experience to include a number of fantastic public performance opportunities as well as once in a lifetime school exchanges. Previous groups have been able to take part in a public performances at the Prado of Cienfuegos city and Santa Clara Square, as well as undergo exchange performances with educational institutions including Amadeo Roldan Conservatory, Alejandro García Caturla Conservatory and The National School of Music in Havana.

To complete your group’s touring experience, why not extend your tour to Cuba to include Trinidad. Your group can enjoy such activities as visiting the cultural centre “Casa de la Trova” as well as swimming in the beautiful Caribbean Sea at one of the island’s many beaches.

As with all of our custom tours, a World Projects tour to Cuba will incorporate all of the arrangements for your travel including flights, accommodation, ground transportation, sightseeing activities, performances/workshops and travel insurance where and if required.

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DURATION:10-20 days

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